The Talented Keeda team is comprised of literary enthusiasts, writers, former teachers, artists, and social media gurus, and our mission is simple: to keep the ageless art & poetry relevant today in a society vastly immersed in new systems of communication and new ways of publicizing personal expression.


Talented Keeda: created for writers, by writers | for artists by artists.

Convenience is what we’re all about these days, right? So why should a writer/artist have to visit one site to enter a poem/artwork in a contest, another site to upload and archive their poetry/art, another site to publish their poetry/artwork, and yet another site to learn the difference between a Shakespearian and Petrarchan sonnet?

Social networking has opened a portal for human emotions and personal experiences. Emotions, experiences, opinions, and philosophies rush forth into a modern system of sharing, henceforth, transitioning us into a society that has never been so informed and privy to things we thought only we endured or experienced. We, therefore, have created our own unique portal exclusively for poets/artists who wish to liberate their artistry and express themselves in the form of poetic verse. Here, writers/artists of all levels have connected and formed a community whose core focus and passion is poetry & art.

Talented Keeda exists today to provide an outlet for amateur poets/artists who wish to share their poetry/art with the world—in one way or another. With a plethora of activities, The Nation has something for everyone; poets/artists can pick and choose the ways in which they want to become involved or dive in head first and partake in everything we have to offer. However, the more fun a writer/artist has and the more involved they become, the greater they will benefit!