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Being an artist/writer is a hobby for some. They love the calmness and peace that creating art/writing thoughts can offer. For others, however, creating art/ pinning down thoughts is as much about business as it is following an enjoyable pursuit. One of the problems when it comes to selling art/poem is that you need to show the buyer that this piece of art has value. Getting a certificate for art will go a long way to convincing the upper authorities regarding your creative mindset.

So, it’s clear to see, like an artist/ writer resume, it’s an important necessity. However, how do you go about acquiring one? Talented Keeda helps you in acquiring your Potential and the Title it has to offer.

Exposure in the Industry On National Level

One of the primary reasons why contestants must have industry exposure is to lay a professional foundation of your core subject/passion. It is, therefore, important to choose fields who emphasize on mentoring students into professionals. Most artists/writers while getting into engineering colleges skip the finer details of the course. It is advisable for students to be thorough what the world and especially many Creativity related industry has to offer to them. Many Industries today want to hire a passionate writer for their Marketing/Speech scripts and on the hand the artists are desirable for the logos, office space art etc for thier brand. Get the top chair in the Industry you’re passionate about.

Social Exposure In The Offcial Creative Communities
You felt you’ve done a lot, and nothing’s more disheartening than spending ages writing a masterpiece, only for it to have three likes on Facebook (worst case scenario: you, best friend, and your mom).

Good content sells. But does good content sell itself? Not necessarily. If nobody even has the chance to read it, good content is as good as wasted. That’s why exposure matters – it makes people know about your artwork’s/writing’s existence and all the good writing in it.

Published Article on “The Entrepreneur Stories”
Writing a journal article takes time, and scholars who embark on this journey hope it will lead to a publication. The reality, however, is that not all articles will be accepted or even advanced to the revise-and-resubmit stage. Yet the publication of journal articles, despite the many critiques of academic publishing, remains an important fixture in the academy.

Indeed, more graduate programs are encouraging students to publish journal articles in hopes of increasing their chances on the dismal job market. And tenure committees still expect early-career scholars to produce journal articles with some fields counting these articles, as opposed to a monograph, as the main requirement for earning tenure. Talented Keeda gives you the chance to get your Artwork/Writing published, which nonetheless helps you get a job (once mentioned in your Resume) but also gets you the Validation even as an Artist/Writer for your passion. What are you waiting for then?